Filmmaking Lab 1Students need to come prepared with an idea for a movie they would like to produce.  There are seven filmmakers in the class, which means we have seven films to produce. Producing 7 short-films back to back is going to be extremely challenging and exhausting.  This is boot-camp for filmmakers, so you need to come focused, enthusiastic, open, and prepared to work hard.
The week we go into production we will plan to shoot everyday from Sunday Aug. 14 to Sunday Aug. 21.  We will plan to take a day off from production Wednesday Aug. 17, but we will plan to get together that day to watch footage and rejuvenate for the next four days of shooting.
To ensure our success we need to keep our movie ideas simple and achievable.  Therefore I am setting some parameters for you to structure your short films.  Within these parameters you can do whatever you want as long as it is possible to achieve.  Staying within the parameters will help ensure our success in completing
 your film.
  1. Your story must take place in one location. (it can be any location, but not multiple rooms) Flexibility will be considered case by case, based on the simplicity and the characteristics of the location.
  2. Your story must be limited to 3 characters or less.
  3. Your story must have NO dialogue.  Flexibility is allowed for minimal dialogue.
  4. Scripts should not exceed 5 pages, less is preferred.
Give your protagonist (main character) a defined goal they want to achieve by the end of the film.
Define who or what is your antagonist.  The goal of your antagonist is to stop or make it as difficult as possible for your protagonist to achieve his/her goal.
Every story needs to include:
  • Beginning – Introduce Character and Character’s Goal
  • Middle – The Character’s attempts in achieving that goal
  • End – The climax of the movie where it’s the Character’s last chance to achieve the goal and defeat or conquer the obstacle of the antagonist.

Before Day 1 of Class students should complete this check list:

  1. Have a story idea and/or a rough draft of script (we will continue to develop it on day one)
  2. Choose a shoot date for your short film between Aug. 14-Aug. 21.
  3. Secure a location to shoot with permissions from property owners.  Take pictures of the location to bring to class you will use to explain your story.
  4. Select Cast – I will provide head shots of actors who have worked with us in the past.  You need to contact them early July to make sure they can be available to do a read through of your script Friday, August 12, and then be available for an all day shoot on your designated shoot date the following week.  You can use your friends or family in your film, but you need to let me know and provide me with their contact info.  I strongly recommend casting people with acting experience. I can do additional casting calls if you need something or someone specific.