Jul. 10-14 | YouTube Video Production

9am-12pm @ Saratoga Independent School [Middle School]

YouTube-logo-full_colorYouTube Video Production is an opportunity for students to discover what it takes to be a professional YouTuber.  In this half-day course, students will learn how to become entrepreneurs as well as a video producers.

Throughout the week, students will collaborate in groups to develop, write, and produce three different YouTube shows.  They will setup their unique YouTube channels and learn tips on how to build an audience.

Students will be introduced to: 

  1. How to make a successful YouTube video
  2. Producing a series VS. single videos
  3. Type of content to produce
  4. Who are the most successful YouTubers
  5. Technical Skills for video production
  6. How to setup a YouTube Channel
  7. Creating graphic art for channel
  8. How to market, promote, and build an audience.


Types of Shows Students will produce:

1.  Sketch Comedy Show
2. Talk Show
3. Game Show
4. Web Series
5. Documentary/How To Series