The Female Voice

WEEK 1: 9am-3:30pm @ Saratoga Independent School
[Middle & High School]

This 1-week, all-girls, filmmaking class explores the media’s portrayal of girls in tv, movies, marketing, news, politics, music and more.  The class kicks off with a special event for students and parents, which includes a screening of the documentary Miss Representation followed by a discussion moderated by local filmmakers.

The discussion will continue in the classroom to encourage students to examine how the media influences our culture and shapes our collective social consciousness.  They will voice their opinions on how they would like to see females better portrayed and identify solutions for the media to improve.

The students will work in pairs or teams to develop a narrative that best represents them, their voices, and their unique perspectives.  Throughout the week, each group will take their story through the process of scripting, pre-production, production, and post-production to produce a short film or video project.


Jess Camera

DISCLAIMER: The film Miss Representation contains strong images and covers mature topics that may not be suitable for all ages.  Parent discretion is advised for the screening.  See a preview of the film below.