July 16-20 | Stop-Motion Animation

9am-12pm @ Saratoga Independent School [Grade School]

The Stop-Motion Animation Course is designed for beginners and intermediate students ages 8-11.  This is the perfect class for any student beginning to explore their interest in filmmaking or for the experienced animators who have the desire to create an awesome project.

In 1 week, students will create characters, write their stories, build their sets, photograph their movies, record voice overs, and edit their short films.

Students will form their production teams, write and develop an idea for a short-film, and practice different stop-motion techniques to improve the movement of their characters.

In preproduction, students design and build sets, finalize their stories, develop storyboards, and practice more advanced stop-motion and production techniques.

Moving into the production of their short-films, the students work in teams to complete their short films and take turns directing, animating, and photographing their films.

After their films are shot, students will take the movie into post-production where they finalize their animations with digital editing, special effects, audio recordings, and music.

$20 supplies charge will be applied on top of tuition.