Feature Film Screenwriting

9 Weeks: Mondays 5pm-7pm ONLINE CLASS [Middle & High School]

Screenwriting pic4Spend your summer writing a screenplay for a feature length film. Learn the basic structure and formatting of a screenplay, and how it is different from writing novels or plays.  Discover what are the essential story elements needed to attract attention from producers and studio executives.

Each student will develop an original idea for a movie and write a proper logline suitable for the Hollywood market, known in the industry as the “elevator pitch.” After they have developed a strong story idea for a full-length film, students will begin writing their first draft step by step.

Students will learn the 3 Act movie structure and will focus on each of the acts every three weeks. Students should prepare and be motivated to write approximately 10 pages a week.

This class is designed to equip students with the essential knowledge about professional screenwriting, and provide them with an opportunity to write a solid first draft of a 90-100 page screenplay.

IMG_7472By the end of the 9 weeks students will: 

  1. Understand proper story structure and essential story elements 
  2. Learn about character development and character arcs
  3. Develop an idea for a full-length movie
  4. Write the First draft of their 90-100 page screenplay
  5. Learn  how to write a fantastic ending.

The Screenwriting Lab functions similarly to a professional writer’s room for any television show. Students are expected to write from home and bring pages to class to share with the group.  We share ideas, offer feedback, and support each other to achieve each individual’s vision.

In addition to the great learning experience students will also receive:

  1. A copy of “The Screenwriter’s Bible, 6th Edition” by David Trottier
  2. Access to an extensive library of award winning, critically acclaimed, and box office hit screenplays

REQUIREMENTS: In order to participate in this class each student will need the following.

  • Access to a computer or laptop
  • Internet access
  • Skype account
  • Screenwriting software (Final Draft or a more affordable option