July 24-28 | Creative Filmmaking

 9am-12pm @ Saratoga Independent School [Grade School]

An introductory hands-on, project-based course in Hollywood movie making. Students explore their own creativity through the development of original stories for short-films.

They will work in collaborative groups to write and produce their own film projects.  Each group member will take turns playing different roles on the cast and crew.

This one-week course engages students in the four main phases of movie production; development, pre-production, production, and post-production.

In the development phase, the students will focus on the fundamentals of story telling on how to write a short-film.

In the pre-production phase, the students will visualize and plan their film shoots through storyboarding, shot listing, and deciding on cast, crew, props, costumes, and locations.

In the production phase, students make their movie according to their best-laid-out plans.

In the post-production phase, students digitally edit their films on computers where the add music, titles, sound effects and special effects.

Filmmaking is a fun and exciting learning opportunity for students to engage in complex thinking, media technologies, and advanced skill sets. While there is an emphasis on learning technical skills for written and visual storytelling, students will also engage in several skill sets that can be applied to almost any profession such as but not limited to; strategic planning, creative problem solving, project management, and effective collaboration/communication.