Aug. 6-10 | Guerilla Filmmaking

9am-3pm @ Saratoga Independent School [Middle School]

Guerilla filmmaking is a term that refers to a style of independent films produced on a shoe string, using the locations, props, costumes, and actors available to us. It is often characterized as fast-paced, no-budget filmmaking.

This intermediate course is a fast-paced hands on filmmaking experience.  It focuses on the fundamentals of Hollywood story telling and gives students the opportunity to write and produce their own short films individually or with a partner. Students will learn what it takes to produce short films on their own independently.

Students work in production teams to take on all the responsibilities of a film crew. Each group member will take turns playing different roles on the cast and crew.  Also each member will receive half a class to complete the production of their short film.  As whole the class should produce six short films by the end of the week.

Students will have the opportunity to cast experienced student actors in their films.  There will also be a college film student to assist each group with their productions.

Filmmaking is a fun and exciting learning opportunity for students to engage in complex thinking, media technologies, and advanced skill sets. While there is an emphasis on learning technical skills for written and visual storytelling, students will also engage in several skill sets that can be applied to almost any profession such as but not limited to; strategic planning, creative problem solving, project management, and effective collaboration/communication.

No experience necessary. These courses are designed for all skill and experience levels. Enrollment is limited to 12 students.