• Zombie Apocalypse in Saratoga Springs!

    On February 11th, 2018, The Saratoga Film Academy (SFA) hosted its first Special-FX Makeup Workshop at the Saratoga Independent School.  Over 30 students ranging from 12 to 18 years old, as well as 3 adults, braved the icy roads to attend the three-hour workshop from all over the capital district.  One attendee came from as far as Addison, VT, two hours away!  

    Makeup artist, Ward Benoit, facilitated the workshop, drawing on his years of experience working on horror films and photoshoots.  Benoit, taught the captive audience about the different types of makeup and materials he uses on professional shoots. He set up a table  showcasing a variety different props he built such as prosthetic amputations to freaky masks. Then he went through a variety of techniques on how to create a bruising effect, a realistic gory gash, and a Zombie face.

    Every student in attendance received a makeup kit, which included several different applicators, makeup cakes, liquid latex, and blood.  While Benoit demonstrated his techniques on his model, SFA founder, Jon Dorflinger, the students practiced the same techniques on their partners.  Everyone in attendance was a makeup artist as well as a model, and at the end of the day there were over 30 zombies wandering the halls of the Saratoga Independent School.

    The workshop was such a great success and met with astounding positive feedback, that SFA is already working on another workshop for the fall, just in time for Halloween 2018.  Stay tuned for that announcement this spring.  Also keep an eyeout for a behind the scenes video of the workshop later this week.

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