Visual Storytelling I

6-Week Course
January 22 – March 5
Mondays, 4pm-6pm
Location: Saratoga Independent School
459 Lake Ave, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Visual Storytelling I is a six week course that focuses on the basics of storytelling through video. 3rd-5th grade students will engage in hands-on experience producing a series of projects that encourages the development of their own creative writing.  Additionally, students will also gain experience working with a variety of film equipment and technology including but not limited to cameras, lights, and microphones.

Session I Projects include:

  1. The Green Screen Project
  2. The POV Story (Shot entirely from the point of view of a character)
  3. Commercial
  4. A Fake News Story
  5. A Dream Sequence

Students will produce all of their video projects in collaboration with a partner.  Completion of all projects is time permitting.

All students will be editing on Mac Book Pro computers and using iMovie or Final Cut Pro X, which are provided by the Film Academy.  Upon request, students may also receive a free WeVideo account, use the editing platform, and have access to their footage from home.