The Portfolio Class

This full year course provides high school students with a professional filmmaking experience intended for students interested in furthering their filmmaking education and career. They will fully produce their own narrative short film to be added to their portfolio intended for college applications and/or film festival competitions. Students will engage in all four phases of production; Screenwriting, Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production. Program is limited to 8 students.

SESSION 1: Oct. 15 – Dec. 3
The Screenwriting Phase is a six-week online workshop where the students will brainstorm, write, develop a screenplay they will plan to produce during the next phases of production.

SESSION 2: Jan. 7 – Feb. 11 The Pre-production phase is a six-week hands-on course where the students will engage in filmmaking exercises designed to prepare them for their “Spring Projects”.

Students will also begin pre-production on their “Spring Projects”.  Pre-production consists of script breakdown, production plans, storyboards, shot lists, location scouting, and casting.

SESSION 3: Weekends of Mar. 10 through Apr. 29 (Holidays off)
The Production phase of the course is centered around each student’s “Spring Project.”  At this point each student should have a script, location, and a cast.  Every project will receive one full 8-10 hour day to complete production of their short film, on location, with their cast and college film student cinematographer.  Another day or potential re-shoots will be granted if approved by the instructor. Production dates are subject to rescheduling due to weather.

SESSION 4: May 6 – Jun. 24 (Holidays Off)

The Post-Production phase of the course consists of the digital editing the students’ “Spring Projects”.  In this phase students will incorporate or do any additional recording of music and sound effects.  They will also execute any necessary digital special effects if needed. Students will cut their films on Final Cut Pro X and will receive individual instruction and mentoring throughout the process.  Computers and software will be provided.

All students who enroll understand this is a full-year program and must commit for the entire year.

COST: $1400 for the year.
Payment Options:
Entire Year Upfront $1200 ($200 Discount)
Quarterly: $350 per session
Payment Includes:
  • Includes more than 100 hours of instruction & mentoring from industry professionals
  • Access to professional cameras and production equipment
  • Access to Professional digital editing software and computers
  • Access to Stock Footage & Stock Photo Libraries
  • Access to royalty free music & sound effects Libraries
  • Producer and Coordination fees
  • Access to trained local actors
  • $200 allocated towards hiring 2 local actors
  • $100 allocated towards hiring a college cinematographer
  • $100 for incidentals during Production Phase
  • Production insurance fees
  • Guarantee of continued mentoring until project is complete.

High School students who demonstrate proficiency, commitment, and dedication to the craft will earn further professional internships and paid on-the-job training opportunities. Contact us for further information.