Digital Video Production


6-Week Courses
OCT. 18 – NOV. 29 Session 1
JAN. 10 – FEB. 14  Session 2
MAR. 7 – APR. 18  Session 3
MAY 9 – JUN. 13   Session 4
Wednesdays, 4pm-6pm
Location: Saratoga Independent School
459 Lake Ave, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Digital Video Production for middle school students is designed to provide training for students to produce videos for a variety of media platforms and outlets such as the internet, television, or movies.  The program is broken up into four, 6 week sessions which have a different focus.

Students have the option to enroll in single sessions or multiple sessions. Students who enroll in a single session will gain an understanding for the skills that apply to that particular media platform, while students who enroll in all four sessions will gain a broader understanding for the different media platforms, the connections between them, and the transfer of skills that can be applied.


Digital Video Production Sessions Info:

  • Session 1“The Multi-Media Class” provides students the opportunity to produce a variety of videos suited for different platforms and styles such as a YouTube video, a news story, a commercial, a music video, a narrative film.
  • Session 2“The YouTube Class” provides students with the opportunity to produce a show for a YouTube channel.  They will learn the structure, format, and how to engage an online audience.
  • Session 3 “The Webisode Class” is an introduction to producing an episodic television show.  Conceptually will be modeled after television production, but the short-form narrative videos will be more suitable for internet distribution rather than television, therefore are referred to as “webisodes.”
  • Session 4“The Short Film Class” is an introduction to the process, concepts, and skills that go into producing narrative short films.  Students will produce original short films and work with actors of the same age.

Students will produce all of their video projects in collaboration with other students.  Completion of all projects is time permitting.

All students will be editing on Mac Book Pro computers and using iMovie or Final Cut Pro X, which are provided.  Upon request, students may also receive a free WeVideo account, use that editing platform, which would also allow them to have access to their footage at home.

Classes are limited to 12 Students.

TUITION: $250/session
All 4 Sessions Upfront: $800 ($200 Discount)