• 10 Tips for Kids with the Hollywood Dream

    1282389496372890888hollywood-hiThe path to Hollywood success is not an easy one, for people wanting to break in or even for filmmakers already working and actively making movies.

    Success in Hollywood is an abstract idea that can only be defined by the individual.  Have you gained success if you completed shooting your first feature film?  Have you gained success if your film was accepted into the Sundance Film Festival?  Have you gained success if your film gets bought and distributed by a major studio like Fox Searchlight?  A hundred million dollars at the Box Office? A multi-picture deal with Universal Studios? Winning an Oscar?

    The answer is simple.  You gain success when you set a goal for yourself and you achieve it.  You only go as far as you imagine yourself to go.

    The path to getting there is different for every individual and unless your father is Steven Spielberg or Warren Buffet, then the path holds far more obstacles. Although, no matter what your background is, the requirement for success is the same bucket of blood, sweat, and tears paired with a side of humility.

    The surprising thing about success in Hollywood, is that you don’t even have to be good. The most overused term in Hollywood is “genius.” Not everyone in Hollywood is a genius.  People who succeed in Hollywood even with the help of nepotism and money, work extremely hard to learn, develop skills, push them selves to be better, network constantly, and commit to producing projects regularly.

    Bottom line, work on your craft to be the best at what you do, because cream rises to the top and that’s what people notice. That cream doesn’t have to be perfect but it does have to show tremendous potential of becoming butter (a.k.a. financial success).

    10 Tips for Success in Hollywood:

    1. Educate yourself but collegiate level film school is not the only way
    2. Pursue a degree in something other than film which can be applied to your art/craft as well as in other industries
    3. Invest in affordable hands-on training after school, extended learning, summer camps, or workshops.
    4. Set goals and dedicate yourself to accomplishing them.
    5. Open doors of opportunity by creating and producing creative projects on a regular basis.
    6. Surround yourself with like minded people who share your passion.
    7. Build a team of talented people you trust to support your efforts
    8. Believe in yourself enough to make sacrifices and not feel regret about it.
    9. Plan to FAIL, over and over again until you succeed. 
    10. Start today, not tomorrow.


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